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Healing is touch therapy. To learn more about the healing arts Jaya provides classes and CDs for massage therapists, health professionals, and people who want to learn how to heal themselves.

To enroll in any class or purchase a CD, call (248) 464-2049 or Email Jaya.


To download and print Jaya's 2013 class schedule, click here.

Classes require a $50 deposit two weeks in advance
Please e-mail Jaya for information.

Classes are held in Rochester, Michigan.  Other locations available.


Reiki is a 12 hour class taught in two days, from 10AM - 4PM. Investment: $150. Download flyer

Reiki I
August 18 and 25th
October 13th and 20th

Reiki II
September 8th and 15th
November 10th and 17th

Reiki III
July 14th and 23th

Advanced Seichim Living light energy

This is Tibetan work that derived from Equipt. You must be at least a Reiki Second Degree to learn.
Jaya's first class is the 3rd Facet. Download flyer

Facet 3 - August 10th
Facet 4 - September 14th
Facet 5 - October 12th

Educational CD's

Reiki Hands with Jaya
This is a meditative, self healing album. Reiki Hands is divided into 13 segments making it a wonderful tool for teaching and meditation. It inlcudes Reiki hand positions, organs, colors, the mental and emotional aspects of diseases, blockages and their releases as related to the Chakras (Chakras are energy vortexes in the body). The use of affirmations, music and Reiki energy will help you heal life and relationship issues; of body, mind and soul. Reiki means 'Universal Life Force Energy'. Although it is spiritual, Reiki is not a religion. This is a great teaching tool!

Your Journey to the Healing Temple of Light
A meditative self-healing tool. This CD includes a guided meditation in which you may receive a healing, an initiation, and an attunement. The use of healing music and energy will help you heal life and relationship issues, the body, mind and soul. Teachings, healings and your inner wisdom are allowed to come forward in the space between words. Healing music will guide you to the Healing Temple of Light. On your return home you may wish to record your memories from your visit.

Venus and Mars
Harmonize emotions and intellect while you journey to Venus with the beautiful voice of an angel, her choir and the Healing harp. Take a trip to Mars through the cosmos and your energy system. Arrive home feeling open and grounded.

The Cosmic Breath
Attune to breath - the hara. The Complete Breath, using the nine parts of the lungs. The SA breath. Retaining the life force energy in the body.

Ignite Your Creative Fire!
Self empowerment. Cutting the emotional ties. Willingness. Doing your own Attunement and Self-Healing with Seichim Living Light Energy.

Healing CDs and DVDs

For a complete list of CDs and DVDs EMAIL JAYA