Jaya's Client Testimonials ...

"I have suffered from low back pain for many years. Jaya was able to identify a broken tailbone as part of this problem, even though I had never told hre about this injury that occurred more than 30 years ago!" Sandy C., Washington Township, MI

"An orthopedic specialist told me that surgery was the only hope to cure the pain in my knee. After treatments from Jaya, I am free of pain and my knee is much more mobile. Jaya has helped me with strained back muscles on several occasions." John C ., Washington Township, MI

"Jaya has to pay a visit to my doctor because he couldn't believe it when my heart condition healed and I no longer needed surgery." Fran S ., Rochester Hills, MI

"22 years ago I injured my back lifting weights. I have been to physical therapy and massage, but still needed to be very careful because there was always a slight pain present to remind me. Jaya gave me a treatment and immediately the tightness and pain disappeared. Now I'm able to shovel snow and lift my daughter without fear of immediate injury hanging over my head." Herb W ., Rochester, MI

"I was diagnosed with cancer 7 years ago. My doctors gave me months to live. Jaya's therapy helped my red blood cell count during chemotherapy. She has helped relieve the effects of radiation. I've spent more money in gas driving to the cancer center than it cost me in therapy with Jaya. She's an Angel with healing hands. " Bill C., Clinton Township, MI

"I asked Jaya to help me with my sore arm. She exclaimed that I needed to get to medical right away because it wans't my arm, but my heart! The doctors said that I was having a silent heart attack. The doctor claimed that because of this early detection by Jaya, they had the chance to clean out my arteries and I would survive the next heart attack, which would have been fatal. 2 weeks later, I had another heart attack and I survived! The doctor suggested that I write to Jaya to thank her for the early detection that saved my life." Calvin H., Detroit, MI

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Charlene M., Oakland Twp.
"Before Jaya, I didn't believe in massage at all, much less energy healing. The 2 massages I had before Jaya didn't help at all. I was right back to a tense knot the next day! Now, Jaya has helped me relax totally and also is helping me heal from ACL knee surgery. The doctor was amazed at my 8 week checkup exclaiming 'Wow! You are way ahead of schedule!' I know that her energy based healing on my knee had alot to do with it!"

Fran S., Rochester Hills, MI
Jaya has to pay a visit to my doctor because he couldn't believe it when my heart condition healed and I no longer needed surgery.

Dorothy C., Troy, MI
Jaya has helped me through several wonderful healings. She has helped me bring about new connections to spirit, body, and mind. Her healing energies have made a great difference in my life. My heart is strong and my body has changed in weight and distribution. I am blessed to have access to her healing energies!