Healing is touch therapy. The magnetic flow of energy from the hands can assist the body in releasing tension and pain, and healing itself from disease.

The following services help you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Psychic healing

Jaya scans the body, finds the block and removes it with sound. Then she brings in a new vibration and uses her method to take it out of the emotional part of the brain.

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Advanced CRANIAL-SACRAL therapy

There is a fluid (cerebral spinal fluid) that flows up and down the spine and around the brain. This fluid is encased within a tough tissue (the Dura tube). The fluid moves with the rhythm of the bones (cranial rhythm). From the time we are born to present time, whenever we've experienced trauma in our life (just being born is a trauma, the body doesn't know the difference between a physical or emotional trauma), a wrinkle may form in this tissue. In time some of these wrinkles smooth out. Those that remain may cause problems, physically or emotionally, because the fluid doesn't move smoothly around certain points in the brain or spinal cord.

You may lay on a massage table, fully clothed or prepared for massage. Jaya sits on a stool to the side of the table and places her two hands under your body. She is feeling for the cranial rhythm of the spine and sacrum (that triangle bone at the base). She allows for some unwinding and then creates a stillpoint if the cranial rhythm is off, this means she stops the movement with only a nickel's weight of pressure. Jaya is able to feel this, but you probably won't feel anything. A still point can be very powerful,
it can last a short time, sometimes longer. Some say, this is when "The Grace of God" can occur.

Cranial rhythm corrects itself during a still point. No matter where on the bones a still point occurs, the spinal fluid stops and builds at the base of the skull. With her high sense Jaya feels the momentum build, relaxes the pressure and the cranial rhythm restores to its natural balance all by itself. Cranial Sacral Therapy helps the body to heal itself. Jaya continues these steps up the spine and then on all the head bones.

The advanced part comes when Jaya takes one of her hands, That are placed every foot or so, and places it above the other hand and releases any restrictions she can feel in the body. She then "cranials" all the organs, allowing the healing energy to flow from her hands. She checks the rhythm at all the joints in the body from head to toe. There is also something called the vector of the body that she checks, encouraging it's lines to correct. A little unwinding of the ankles and some reflexology may be part of the session.

Standing now at the head of the table, Jaya reaches her hands under the scapulas, and they are able to relax, unwind and release more. She holds an acupressure point on the tips of the shoulders for a couple of minutes and this creates deep relaxation down the arms, shoulders and through the body. Sliding way down now along the back and spine and then coming up slowly to the neck and head. Gentle unwinding of the neck, while talking you through it and using the breath (to re-pattern the pain-brain) and using some massage to undo sore muscles. Jaya releases tension in the head with acupressure energy and Cranial Sacral Therapy. She enhances and increases the aura and ends the session.

So, what could you be feeling during this session? You will feel the small pressure of the still points and then the depth of the letting go that follows. You may be able to breathe more deeply. As Jaya gets up further along the spine and to the head, you may feel little trickles of energy in different parts of the body, this is an indicator of where there were restrictions. In my own body, sometimes an arm or leg kicks out and then relaxes because I've had broken bones, surgeries or injuries. You feel so peaceful, you don't even know you have a body. You may feel increased blood flow. If your eyes are closed you may see colors or visions. You may have a release in the form of tears. You may remember an incident of the past because it is healing. When you get up, you will feel a little cold and like you are not quite in your body. Because many rhythms have been restored you may be off balance for 20 minutes till your body gets used to it (like getting used to new glasses). AND more happens in the next three days.

Jaya has had a high percentage of helping migraines go away. Depression and anxiety can be relieved. Challenged and handicapped children, of which Jaya sees four, one with autism, are truly helped.

Babies that were born C-section need this work because their head bones don't get massaged going through the birth canal.

cranial sacral therapy helps newborn

Spinal surgeries, knee surgeries, muscle spasms, lung problems, head aches, the list goes on and on. Who needs this therapy? In my opinion, everyone should have at least one session. Please call the second number if you desire a class or mentoring.

Jaya, of Jaya's Healing Bodywork. Sessions: 248-464-2049


This technique has been known for centuries to relieve ear problems, sinus and headaches.


This therapy helps optimize the immune system. It releases tightness around the neck and arms. It also helps cystic breasts and releases excess fluid in the body.


Massage and reflex points are done on the feet and ankles. These points refer to all systems in the body to enhance health, circulation and relieve pain.

head, neck and shoulders massage

Jaya's therapies are well known to relieve headache, sinus and jaw tension. Very relaxing!


Recommended for children and adults. Great for relieving spasms, chronic pain or stress. Can also be used to lessen scar tissue and improve mobility. Jaya combines deep tissue, relaxation, polarity, acupressure and reflexology for optimum results.

Alternative Healing

Jaya uses Japanese and Tibetan methods, and the energy from her hands to heal issues like surgery, broken limbs, arterial flow, and other physical and emotion issues that require healing. She truly has a gift.

Why not let Jaya heal what ails you?

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