Healing is a touch therapy. The magnetic flow of energy from the hands can assist the body to release tension and pain, and heal itself from disease.

Unconscious thoughts held in the body from the past that limit your well being can be brought forward and released. For example, lungs hold grief, the liver can hold anger, the kidneys hold sadness, etc. The AMA states that 90% of all illnesses are caused by stress. Jaya's kind of therapy will help physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Jaya is an intuitive and gifted healer. You can sense that in her presence. You don't have to tell Jaya what is wrong with you. She is like a human 'divining rod', and uses her trained hands to scan your body and find what is ailing you.

Her work developed through her research to heal her own body of major heart and health issues. Now an advanced level massage therapist, Jaya has completed more than 3,000 hours of professional training. Her studies in acupressure, meridians, polarity, cranial sacral therapy, reiki and reflexology will help to lessen pain, unresolved illness and the effects of chemo and radiation on the body.

She is a calming personality. Just being in her presence is soothing. Sounds sappy but it's true.

She has large, powerful hands - just right for a fantastic massage!

Your life is a story and your body holds that story – Why not let Jaya heal what ails you?

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