I have always been a seeker.  About twenty years ago I set out to grow in self-awareness.  I read all the self help books and attended many seminars.  The message that stood out for me most was that we must heal our subconscious mind in order to remove the roadblocks life puts before us. 

But how do I reach what I don’t know?  I could go to a counselor, but I’d still be using information that I consciously know.  I could ask friends and family, but we all see the same things differently.  I figured - there is One who knows everything. So I took “evidence” of how I felt and asked the ‘one who knows’ instead of trying to figure it out alone.

I waited for and listened to the answers.  This was a time of agony and bliss!  Agony, because I understood my unconscious desires for a part of me to hang on to these feelings.  Bliss, becaue they were transformed with me in a gentler, forgiving way.   I said ‘with me’ because I trusted in a partner this time who loved and didn’t judge me.

As my mind healed, so did my body. 

I went through a transformation that took two sets of nine months.  Interesting when you think about how it takes a baby nine months to be delivered – you must wait for that to come also!

I had dreams, visions, and sleep walking.  I had visitations and was spoken to with my eyes wide open, when I needed it.  I was living my past and present at the same time!

I could feel where my thoughts were held in various parts of my body. 

I’d had epilepsy for over twenty-one years and was on medication for it.  When I understood my thoughts behind the epilepsy, it was gone.  No more episodes.

I had a heart condition; three sides of my heart were totally blocked and a valve problem.  I was in the hospital when my heart literally turned upside down in my chest and the doctor declared my heart was not only fine, but perfect!

The knee pain I’d had for seven years after surgery to repair a crushed knee was gone!

Soon, I began to hear the thoughts in other people’s bodies.  I had to learn what to do about this so I studied many modalities on how to heal the body and mind.  In fact, when people heard about me, teachers came to train me.  Eventually I learned massage because my healing sessions led to changes in the physical body and that was the quickest way I could learn anatomy and physiology.

Since 1991 I have been teaching others to do healing and healing bodywork.  I have traveled to Canada and various other states, including Hawaii to teach.  I live and work in Rochester, Michigan.

My hands are like a divining rod.  I can feel what is wrong – I know where to go and what to do, whether it’s a massage or a healing you need.

Your life is a story and your body holds that story – until you bring it to the present time and teach it a new one.  It takes seven years for the body to change after a mind change.  The touch of a healer can speed this process. 

Sickness is separation – healing is joining.  Let me help you be the best you can be through mind and body healing.

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